How do I create a GEVME account?

If you're a conference ticket holder, you (or your HR department) would have purchased your ticket using GEVME's ticketing platform. Purchasing a ticket does not mean that you've created a GEVME account.

A GEVME account will allow you to:
  • Select, purchase, or change your workshop
  • Download your conference ticket 
To create an account in GEVME, please do the following:

1. Sign in to your GEVME Wallet via and enter the email address that was used to purchase the conference ticket(s). You will be prompted to enter your password (the one used when purchasing your ticket).

2. You will be sent an activation email.

3. Check your mailbox, and click on the 'Activate Your Account' button.

4. Enter and confirm your password.

You're done creating your GEVME account!

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